• Moving and Transport
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Felt Replacement
  • Set up and Assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Pocket Repair
  • Bumpers and Rails
  • Slate Repair
  • Leveling 
  • Crating and Storage


Pool table moving is not an as easy task as it may sound. There are many steps to it and it requires a lot of patience, time, skill and the right tools and vehicle.

Pool table are cumbersome and incredibly heavy. It requires the proper tools and few very strong and able people to lift it and move it. Also the vehicle needs to be big and it needs to have great shocks absorbers in order not to damage the pool table.

Since moving a pool table requires disassembly and assembly of the pool table, our team is equipped to correctly put your table back together.

We have been in business for a long time and we know everything about pool table moving. We will make sure that every step of moving process is done smoothly.


We offer top-notch pool table installation services. Pool table installation is a task that requires skill and a lot of patience since there are many steps to this process. 

We thoroughly inspect all of the pool table parts to make sure that there was no damage to the table in transit.

Services include professionally assembling your new pool table, placing your pool table to a precise spot you want it in, leveling your pool table, and we will provide you with all of the instructions you will need for proper care and maintenance.


After using your pool table for many years you might see some wear and tear signs such as warn out felt, cracked slate, “dead” table cushions, unleveled table, wobbly table, warn out pockets. All of these issues affect pool game, but the good news is all of these issues can be fixed.

We will inspect your pool table and let you know exactly what needs to be done in order to bring it back to its best performance.

Our skilled pool table repair professionals have many years of experience and are passionate about everything pool table related.


Pool tables need to be reflected about every 10-15 years. Once you start seeing any signs of distress such as rips, tears, if the cloth is starting to become bristly, or if you can pick pieces of fuzz and lint it is definitely time to get new felt for your pool table.

Choose from a variety of colors and speeds, based on your level of play and personal preference. We recommend Simonis Felt and Pro Line felt.

We will carefully remove the old felt and install the new one. This process takes time as the new felt needs to be properly stretched for the best result.

After refelting, we will give you care and maintenance instructions to ensure the longevity of your new felt.